Nurturing you and your yoga practice

We specialise in adapting yoga to meet people’s needs, this also means supporting you if you have not practiced yoga before.

There are many styles of yoga and types of yoga to suit different people.

Find out what suits you with our Introductory Beginners Yoga Programme and then move on to our specific classes.

Content covered in our beginners programme:

  • Introduction to yoga
  • Exploring three different styles of yoga as well as meditation
  • Looking after yourself and being safe while practicing
  • Making yourself feel comfortable in your practice


Please book on the Introductory Beginner Yoga Programmes below.  If there are none visible at this time, it made be because there are currently running.  Please contact Philip on 07532 223209 to see find out when the next sessions are starting.

Click on the links below for further information about meditation and the type of yoga on offer.

Types of Yoga


Also you may want to buy equipment for your new yoga practice.  There are introductory offers for things you might need for your visit to our studio and also what you might need if you would like to practice at home.