Nurturing you and your yoga practice

Philip Burgess

Director and Owner of The Body & Mind Place Limited

Philip has been practicing yoga since 2005 and teaching since 2014.

He is a graduate of the John Scott and Lucy Crawford 200 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training programme graduating in November 2014. Since then Philip has undergone further training with Norman Blair and Sarah Powers in Yin Yoga and with Beverley Nolan in Restorative Yoga. He has also undergone training with Yotism and Nicole Zimbler for teaching yoga to people with learning disabilities to support his son who is has autism.

Philip has wide experience of developing and implementing new areas of work, businesses and programmes in the health and social care sectors as an independent consultant through Philip Burgess Consulting Limited. He works closely with NHS England on areas of their Personalisation Programme.

Neeraj Nautiyal

Born in the Himalayas in India, Neeraj (Niranjan) Nautiyal left a successful career in sales and marketing to pursue a spiritual path seeking a deeper meaning in life. He was drawn to the snow-capped whispering wisdom of the Himalayas where he lived for over 12 years. Wandering silently for periods and at other times living in ashram's high in these mountains gave him the opportunity to meet some extraordinary seekers and Masters with an advanced understanding of the nature of life. He was also able to visit sacred places little known in the West.

Through deep meditation, breathwork, yoga and other techniques Neeraj imbibed that spirit which he wants to share now that he lives in the UK.

“The Himalayas are beautiful but you don’t have to go there to find meaning in your life. You can be a Yogi anywhere, not just in the Himalayas as we all want to find happiness and purpose in life and to be at ease about the future. Only you can obtain that. No one else can give it to you but I can help you on that journey.”

Neeraj’s presence on or off-line is a gift – do not miss out on this opportunity.