Nurturing you and your yoga practice

Joining our community is easy by taking the following simple steps:

  1. Find Out More – call Philip on 07532 223209 to discuss your needs
  2. Stay In Touch – if you are not ready to set yourself up with an account to book classes, programmes and events, why not stay in contact by completing our sign-in page and sign up to our news and forthcoming schedule and events
  3. Create Your Account – register yourself so you are ready to book classes etc.
  4. Book – Book your class, programme or event

The benefits of joining our community:

  • Access to classes, programmes and events
  • Discounts for block booking
  • Upfront knowledge of events
  • Buy your yoga accessories

How To Book

  1. Buy a class passes here for yoga and meditation classes [link to prices webpage]
  2. Book programmes, events and workshops here . these are separately prices.  [link to schedule webpage]
  3. Book classes [link to schedule webpage]


Your First Class

Please ensure you are in lose fitting clothing which will allow you to move freely.   Bring a bottle of water for any clas.   For yoga classes, you can bring your own mat, but we provide mats and all the equipment you need.


Studio Rules

Please arrive at least 7 minutes before the class starts.

There is no talking in the yoga room after the class has started. Please be respectful to all instructors, staff, and students at all times.