Nurturing you and your yoga practice

Feeling apprehensive about trying online yoga and want some support?

If you feel uncomfortable with technology and worries that you will not be able to connect to the session in time for when it starts, then you are not alone and support is available.

Please do not hesitate in contacting Philip on 07532 223209 and he will walk through what you need to do to connect to the session online.

How Does an Online Class Work?

All you need to a phone, computer, laptop or tablet with internet access.

You just book a class on the booking system on the website.

An email will be sent to you about half an hour before the session starts with a link.  You just double click on the link and it does all of the work for you. All you need is to click on seeing the session through video and you are ready to go.

What you need to think about for your online class?

It depends on the type of session you are joining.  Some sessions you are moving around (physical) and some you are seated.

Technical considerations:

  • Please ensure that you are ready 10 minutes before the session just in case you have any technical issues you need to sort out
  • Please close all other applications on your computer/device you are using as it will help with the quality of the picture you are seeing
  • If you are not using your phone for the online yoga session, turn your phone onto silent or vibrate mode as you might disturb the other participants to the class

Important things to consider when you are planning your 'physical' online session:

  • Look at the class description to understand what you will need for the session.  The description provides a list of household items you can use as props to support you through the practice
  • Place the screen so you can see what the teacher is demonstrating for seated and standing postures.  You may need to move the screen from time to time.  It is also helpful for the instructor to see you and help you with your poses. 
  • Please ensure there is enough lighting in the room so you can see what you are doing as well as the instructor being able to see you.
  • Ensure the room you are practicing in is heated sufficiently for the type of yoga you are doing
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions at any point in the session
  • Ensure there is enough space to move and move any objects that could be potentially knocked over by a moving arm or leg
  • For balancing poses find a section of wall you could use if you have difficulty balancing
  • If the pose does not feel right, come immediately out of the pose and talk to the teacher
  • Check with the instructor before the class starts about any injuries or health conditions you may have and see if there are any things you need to consider during the session

Important things to consider when you are planning a 'seated' online session:

  • Ensure that you are comfortable and in a quiet space for the session
  • Place the screen so you can comfortably see the instructor
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions at any point in the session