Nurturing you and your yoga practice

My main focus on teaching yoga is to nurture you as a beginner and then over time deepen and develop your practice to get the best out of you as an individual.  I find it easy to make the connection with you as an individual and how you feel and react to poses or injuries to help understand what adjustment you need as an individual and adapt the yoga practice to meet your needs.  I take a mentoring role in helping you develop your own personal practice.


My Approach:

  • Teach smaller classes to ensure your needs are met and you get the support you need

  • Run mini workshops at the beginning of classes to focus on the development on particular areas of the yoga practice and then letting you experience these areas in the following sequences and giving you the space at the end to reflect and grow in knowledge

  • Provide longer workshops to help you obtain a deeper understand about how you as a person can improve and make a step change with your practice

  • Support you with coaching you though using your yoga practice to improve various aspects of your life, whether it is a postural issue, injury, mental health and wellbeing

Please contact Philip on 07532 223209 to see find out when the next sessions are starting.

Click on the links below for further information about meditation and the type of yoga on offer.

Types of Yoga


Also you may want to buy equipment for your new yoga practice.  There are introductory offers for things you might need for your visit to our studio and also what you might need if you would like to practice at home.